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JSC "Marka" releases a souvenir set "Novgorod the Great. Rise of the Russian Nationhood"

The souvenir set is made on birch-bark design paper with a souvenir sheet dedicated to the 1150th anniversary of Novgorod the Great in the centre. The souvenir set is available in an illustrated cover and in a frame with a real birch-bark background.

The souvenir set can be an unordinary gift to collectors in Russia and abroad.

Novgorod the Great is one of Russia's most ancient cities, it was first mentioned in the Russian Primary Chronicle. The city is located in Northwestern Russia at the outflow of the Volkhov River from Lake Ilmen. Its history is integral to all most important stages of the Russian State development. Over centuries the city was a strong fortress at the northern and western borders of Russia.

Novgorod the Great is a major spiritual mainstay of the Russian Orthodox Church. The city is densely encircled by cathedrals, monasteries and convents. Education in Novgorod was based on writing. In 1951 the first ten birch-bark manuscripts were found in the cultural level. Now there are about 1000 of those. Yaroslav the Wise initiated learning in Novgorod by setting up a school at the bishop court. St. Sophia Cathedral and big monasteries such as Yuriev, Antoniev and Khutyn were chronicle writing and book learning centres. One of the largest libraries of the Medieval Russia with a collection of over 1500 manuscripts was gathered and stored at St. Sophia Cathedral of Novgorod the Great.

At present Novgorod the Great is a major Russian industrial and cultural centre with a developed modern tourist infrastructure. UNESCO recognized the architectural monuments of the Novgorod Museum Reserve as the World Heritage Sites in 1992. The city celebrated its 1150th anniversary in 2009.

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