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JSC "Marka" issued souvenir sets "Porcelain tiles"

In the salons of "Collector" went on sale souvenir sets dedicated to the decorative and applied art of Russia, which included apartment blocks "Tiles" in 2015 and their image on ceramic tiles.

Ceramic tiles - architectural (clay) products in the form of box-like plates or curved parts. Each of the tiles individually is an independent piece of arts and crafts. Ceramic decorative tiles, or tiles used in Russia for the decoration of palaces and temples, as well as for lining furnaces. They depicted scenes of hunting and battles, heroes of folk tales, fables and epics, real and fantastic animals, characters of Slavic mythology, plant and graphic ornaments.

Princely chambers in Uglich, built in the Trinity-Sergius Lavra, Veliky Ustyug, Yaroslavl, Kostroma are tiled with tiles. In Moscow, the tiles decorated the St. Basil's Cathedral, the Trinity Church in Nikitniki, the Krutitsy Tower. In the estate of Abramtsevo near Moscow, based on sketches by Mikhail Vrubel and with his direct participation, remarkable stoves were built - true works of decorative and applied art. The sketches of the artist Sergei Malyutin were lined with stoves in the estate of Talashkino Smolensk region.

The postage stamps and ceramic tiles feature tiles from various regions of Russia: Moscow. XIX-XX centuries .; Moscow region, s. Abramtsevo. XIX-XX centuries .; Moscow region, village Turygino. XXI centuries .; Yaroslavl. XVII-XVIII centuries.

Souvenir sets will be an original gift for collectors in Russia and abroad.

The full range of tagged and souvenir products is presented in the online store on the website www.rusmarka.ru and in the network of salons "Collector".


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